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WINGZ - As seen on BBC2's Dragon's Den
  • Bridal
  • Grey Chiffon Flare
  • Purple Chiffon Flare
  • Red Chiffon Flare
  • Black Chiffon Flare
  • Split Sleeve
  • Grey Chiffon Volume

Welcome to Wingz™ Fashion Arm Coverage

I would like to introduce you to a completely new clothing garment for women.

Wingz™ are worn under a garment that is fitting the top of the womans body.

They provide arm coverage and transform your clothing into a whole new outfit.

I, like many women, love fashion yet hate my arms, I was fed up of seeing the perfect dress or top that was sleeveless or the sleeves were way too short to wear without a shrug or jacket.
This extra layer not only made me hot and conscious that I was wearing a jacket on a sunny day; it covered up the beautiful dress I wore.

There are a lot of women throughout the world and for many different reasons appreciate arm coverage...

• Religion.
• Scars.
• Fat arms.
• Saggy Bingo Wings.
• Skinny arms.
• Tattoos.
• For the Layered Look without the bulk.

Wingz™ the design was registered and the first designs are now offered to you.

Wingz™ are worn as an under garment. They comfortably fit under the bust and follow your bra line around the back.

This means you can wear your Wingz™ with any back or neckline!

The body of the Wingz™ are elasticated, soft and do not move around, ensuring ease of wear.

As Wingz™ do not add another layer to your outfit you can be assured of a cool comfortable wear.

Wingz™ push for style,comfort and confidence in the wearer. It's time to ditch those cardigans!

Fit of Wingz™

Wingz™ are available in four sizes.

The four sizes encompass the UK sizes 6 to 28, US sizes 4 to 26, and Euro sizes 34 to 56.

Wingz™ are elastic and stretchy (using different methods dependant on design) on both the under bust band and the shoulder hems.

Wingz™ provides sleeves of different lengths and styles for the wearer without a full body of fabric.

Community and UK Registered Designs, Patent Pending.