Make a fall fashion statement with Wingz

fall fashion statement wingz

So…did you get your Wingz this summer? We decided to treat you to a special 20% off because we know how you love to make a fall fashion statement with Wingz – it’s like a little two-fingered salute to the cardigan, just because you can!

Most of our social media comments are pretty flattering – you only have to watch our blogger videos to see just how gorgeous Wingz look with lots of on-trend outfits and we have more fashion bloggers ready to show us how they wear their Wingz too. Some people can’t resist asking, “why don’t you just buy a top with long sleeves?”

Making a strong fashion statement

Wingz are clearly more practical and make a strong fashion statement, especially at this time of the year when you don’t know whether the sun will make an appearance or not. Most people have one or two cardigans in their winter repertoire and while we agree there are some pretty cardis out there, how much nicer is it to wear something under your sleeveless tops and dresses that doesn’t bulk your silhouette up, or leave you at a risk of leaving half your carefully chosen outfit on the back of an office chair?

UK weather is all about improvising, finding solutions to climate-induced fashion conundrums and making the best of a rainy day. So why not chance it with that gorgeous late summer sale find and slip on some Wingz with it, rather than putting it away until next summer or covering it up to keep your arms warm?

Wingz are pretty, fashionable and very convenient… if you’re heading out to an all-day event, all you need to do ii you start to feel the autumn chill is slip a set of pretty lace, chiffon or viscose Wingz on under your chosen top for perfect arm coverage. And they won’t slip off like a shrug. They are perfect with some of this year’s cute cap-sleeved summer frocks and sleeveless tops.

nineties grunge fashion

Wingz give your wardrobe an added dimension. Just add some gorgeous, comfortable lace Wingz for a completely new look that makes a fall fashion statement with zero effort. Or you can spice any outfit it up with some bright chiffon sleeves. There’s more Wingz on the way soon, too, with navy Wingz about to hit the online store – we’ll keep you posted here and on our Facebook page for more news.

All the best-dressed arms are going to be wearing Wingz this autumn, watch this space!

Image by Jakob Owens