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in or out with Wingz

Are you in or out?

  No, don’t scroll away – I’m not talking about what you think I am! I’m talking about your arms. Sometimes, the decision is taken…
wingz blog woman wearing modest fashion

Don’t be so modest!

It was International Modest Fashion Week last month, and it seems that Wingz blogging about modest fashion and talking about the event has opened up…
Heels have had their day - wingz

Has the high heel had its day?

  Pity the poor stiletto. Not long ago, the flash of red sole from a sexy Louboutin shoe was the absolute epitome of cool. The…
Wings fashion arm coverage

Winning Wingz

Do you remember that back in March we asked people to send us clips of themselves in Wingz, telling us what they thought of them…

A Stylish City Break

  A city break is a fantastic way to recharge your batteries, a quick flight over and you’re in a new country, soaking up the…
plus size cool amy schumer wingz

Is Amy Schumer Plus Size?

p ….and do we care? Amy has started a Twitter storm this week with a dig at Glamour magazine, who had the audacity to put…